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Domaine La Florane

Sculpting history into a work of nature

We let vines grow as naturally as possible, with respect for fauna and flora, and in tune with the stars. Removing wines’ artificial and pointless layers. And offering sincerity in our cuvées by showing they are immortal! This is what animates us, and why we farm Domaine la Florane biodynamically. In the southern Rhône Valley, in Provence, we love making wines that exude the terroir’s enriching presence. In this woodland-hemmed haven where we live, above the villages of Visan and Saint-Maurice, we make pleasurable and elegant wines.

Nature first

“Stay faithful to our innermost intuitions, and to our dreams as well.” The dreams shared by François Fabre and his son Adrien. Reconnecting with the land, paying homage to it, protecting it, and making sure that everything they do is perfectly attuned to the spirit of Nature. Making wines from proper organic grapes. Wines that are alive and touch the emotions. Wines that are profound, well-balanced and silky-smooth.
A human and family adventure, an adventure built on deep-reaching roots, which highlights day after day the heritage of two fine terroirs.




Domaine la Florane:

75 hectares, of which 38ha of vines farmed organically and biodynamically; and 37ha of woodland, olive trees and lavender.

Two terroirs:

– Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Visan appellation
– Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Saint-Maurice appellation
Three generations of vignerons: Adrien Fabre and his father François

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Close-up on vine cultivation

Farming our vines biodynamically means we are two contented artisan vignerons! Observation and great respect for terroir are the very basis of biodynamics.

The influences of the fauna, flora and stars give our wines their own identity.


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Domaine La Florane


"I’m from here and nowhere else!
With my feet in the terroir – my two terroirs!
My eyes focused in the dark cellar.
My mind wanders over borders, like our wines! With my nose in the air, alert to the scents of La Florane’s valley."


A garden of grapes

Each spot on the estate has its own plot and variety!

The starting-point is quality plants, planted in suitable plots. La Florane has a fine estate of vines with good vigour and an average age of about 40 years.

Domaine La Florane
Domaine La Florane


Vinification & ageing

The cellar, three quarters underground, has a gravity-fed design to avoid any unnecessary mechanical steps. With this short natural pathway from vine to vat, the grapes retain all their intrinsic qualities.

’A tree is known by its fruits; and my father says, ‘It’s from the quality of the grapes that you imagine the vintage.’

Domaine La Florane
Domaine La Florane


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Come feel a wave of mellowness.
A stopping-point in Visan, deep in the Papal Enclave. Take a small detour!

Our wines reflect our everyday journeys. Our green haven beckons you simply.
Do you love sunshine, nature and simple encounters? Then welcome to the estate.
TÉL. 04 90 41 90 72


Open Monday to Friday, 8am to noon and 1:30-5:30pm.
(weekends and public holidays: by appointment)
François & Adrien Fabre
199, chemin des Bourdeaux
84820 VISAN (Provence) France
Tel: + 33 (0)4 90 41 90 72